Competition or Collaboration? Yale & Harvard Podcasting Together

How Yale and Harvard came together to create a podcast.

Neil and Jen join guests Kristi Jobson and Miriam Ingber, Deans of Admissions at Harvard and Yale Law Schools and hosts of “Navigating Law School Admissions”. They share the origin of their podcast, a collaboration between prestigious schools, and how it has evolved and impacted prospective students. They also debunk competitive myths and outline the benefits of detailed podcast preparation. Additionally, Neil discusses how to incorporate Podcasting 2.0 features, with focus on the transcript tag.

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(00:00:00) Introduction
Neil and Jen introduce guests Miriam Ingber and Kristi Jobson from the Navigating Law School Admissions podcast.
(00:02:12) Law Admissions Background
Kristi and Miriam share their backgrounds and roles in the admissions offices at Harvard and Yale Law Schools.
(00:03:26) Collaboration Between Harvard and Yale
How Miriam and Kristi met and started collaborating, emphasizing the non-competitive nature of their relationship.
(00:06:04) Creating “Navigating Law School Admissions”
The origins of the podcast "Navigating Law School Admissions" during the pandemic.
(00:08:17) Audience of the Podcast
The primary audience for the podcast, including prospective law students and pre-law advisors.
(00:12:13) Convincing Administrators
The process of getting approval from their respective universities to collaborate on the podcast.
(00:13:22) Guest Admissions Officers
The inclusion of guest law school admissions officers from different schools to provide a range of perspectives on the podcast.
(00:15:06) Evolution of the Podcast
The evolution of the podcast, highlighting the importance of scripting and the natural banter between the hosts.
(00:19:27) Live Events and Audience Engagement
Incorporating live events into podcast episodes, and the positive impact of audience engagement on the podcast.
(00:24:55) Games and Interactive Elements
The use of games and interactive elements in the podcast to make it more engaging.
(00:26:39) Surprises and Listener Impact
The unexpected listener engagement and impact of their podcast on the law school admissions community.
(00:30:17) Utilizing “Navigating Podcast Admissions”
Applying evergreen content from the podcast in ongoing communications and admissions processes.
(00:32:35) Advice for Podcasters
Tips for fellow higher education podcasters, emphasizing the importance of a good editor, planning, and committing to the podcast.
(00:39:44) Podcasting 2.0: Transcript Tags
Integrating Podcasting 2.0 features, focusing on the transcript tag, and the importance of file format for better platform compatibility.
(00:45:23) Conclusion
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:12) - Law Admissions Background
  • (03:26) - Collaboration Between Harvard and Yale
  • (06:04) - Creating “Navigating Law School Admissions”
  • (08:17) - Audience of the Podcast
  • (12:13) - Convincing Administrators
  • (13:22) - Guest Admissions Officers
  • (15:06) - Evolution of the Podcast
  • (19:27) - Live Events and Audience Engagement
  • (24:55) - Games and Interactive Elements
  • (26:39) - Surprises and Listener Impact
  • (30:17) - Utilizing “Navigating Podcast Admissions”
  • (32:35) - Advice for Podcasters
  • (39:44) - Podcasting 2.0: Transcript Tags
  • (45:23) - Conclusion

Creators and Guests

Co-host and editor of HAVAN's podcast Measure Twice Cut Once/ Traffic Helicopter Reporter/Social Media & Marketing Manager for Euro Canadian
Kristi Jobson
Kristi Jobson
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Chief Admissions Officer at Harvard Law School
Miriam Ingber
Miriam Ingber
Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at Yale Law School
Competition or Collaboration? Yale & Harvard Podcasting Together
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