Fewer Live Panels and More Podcasts

The advantages of podcasting over traditional, in-person events.

Neil and Jen join Joy Poliquin from the University of Victoria's Cooperative Education Program and Career Services Office. Joy discusses the "Work It" podcast, which explores alumni career paths and provides career development advice.The conversation covers the podcast's evolution, its dual focus on alumni stories and practical career tips, and the advantages of podcasting over traditional events in terms of engagement and accessibility. Joy highlights the involvement of recent graduates as hosts, the impact of remote work opportunities, and how the podcast content is used across various platforms.Tune in for insights on using podcasts to enhance student and alumni engagement and communication strategies in higher education.

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(00:00:00) Introduction
Neil and Jen introduce guest Joy Poliquin, producer of UVic podcast Work It.
(00:02:03) Role at UVic and the Work It podcast
Joy shares her role at UVic and discusses the Work It podcast's aim to explore alumni careers.
(00:03:25) Career Evolution
How career paths have changed at UVic and the flexibility in today’s job market.
(00:05:20) Impact of Remote Work
The role remote work has played in opening up opportunities for graduates to stay in Victoria.
(00:06:20) Target Audience
An outline of the three main audiences for the Work It podcast.
(00:07:57) Supporting Career Development
How the podcast supports career development with alumni and career educator team interviews.
(00:09:55) Content Strategy
Strategy behind combining alumni interviews and practical career advice.
(00:12:31) Events Transition to Podcast
Shift from in-person events to podcast format to provide more accessible and evergreen content.
(00:15:33) Hosts of Work It Podcast

Introduction to the podcast hosts, their background, and how they got the job.
(00:17:30) Leveraging Alumni Expertise
How they utilized a former co-op student, to help set up and promote the Work It podcast.
(00:20:09) Podcast in Communication Strategy
Integration of the podcast into UVic’s broader communication strategy.
(00:23:09) Season Two Themes
Themes and new areas of focus for the second season, including career development and alumni journeys.
(00:25:36) Co-op Experiences
The role of alumni sharing their co-op experiences and how it influenced their career paths.
(00:28:03) Non-linear Career Paths
The non-linear nature of career paths and the diverse opportunities available.
(00:29:42) Podcasting 2.0: Chapters
The concept of chapters in podcasts, explaining their benefits for navigation, accessibility, and searchability.
(00:35:08) Conclusion
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:03) - Role at UVic and the Work It podcast
  • (03:25) - Career Evolution
  • (05:20) - Impact of Remote Work
  • (06:20) - Target Audience
  • (07:57) - Supporting Career Development
  • (09:55) - Content Strategy
  • (12:31) - Events Transition to Podcast
  • (15:33) - Hosts of Work It Podcast
  • (17:30) - Leveraging Alumni Expertise
  • (20:09) - Podcast in Communication Strategy
  • (23:09) - Season Two Themes
  • (25:36) - Co-op Experiences
  • (28:03) - Non-linear Career Paths
  • (29:42) - Podcasting 2.0: Chapters
  • (35:08) - Conclusion

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Co-host and editor of HAVAN's podcast Measure Twice Cut Once/ Traffic Helicopter Reporter/Social Media & Marketing Manager for Euro Canadian
Joy Poliquin
Joy Poliquin
Senior communications officer at University of Victoria
Fewer Live Panels and More Podcasts
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