From Student To Practitioner To Instructor: Penn State's Podcast Ecosystem

Building partnership & keeping alumni engaged through podcasting.

Katie DeFiore shares her journey from a passionate podcast listener to becoming a key player in the educational podcasting scene at Penn State. She frames the creation and development of “Dare to Disrupt,” detailing the strategic planning, marketing, and alumni engagement that have shaped its success. The conversation also explores the significance of integrating podcasting with university programs and the impact of live podcast events. Katie also provides insight into the partnership between podcasting and alumni engagement.

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(00:00:00) Introduction
Hosts Neil McPhedran and Jennifer-Lee introduce guest Katie DeFiore, producer of the "Dare to Disrupt" podcast from Penn State.
(00:02:04) Katie DeFiore’s Journey
Katie shares her journey from student to podcast producer, including her work with the Democracy Group Podcast Network.
(00:03:34) About Dare to Disrupt
How the Dare to Disrupt podcast started, highlighting stories of Penn State alumni who are innovators and entrepreneurs.
(00:05:29) Engaging Alumni and Format Strategy
Insight into how the podcast engages alumni and integrates into the broader marketing strategy of Invent Penn State.
(00:09:24) Invent Penn State Overview
The mission and programs of Invent Penn State, including the LaunchBox and Innovation Network.
(00:11:29) Collaboration with Ryan Newman
Working with outside collaborator Ryan Newman and the importance of feedback for continuous improvement.
(00:13:35) Live Podcasting Experience
The experience and logistics of recording a live podcast episode during Penn State Startup Week.
(00:17:31) Impact of Live Episodes
The impact and feedback from the live podcast episode, and the challenges of tracking audience growth.
(00:20:00) Teaching Podcasting at Penn State
The transition from taking the first podcasting class at Penn State to teaching it, highlighting the growing interest in podcasting among students.
(00:22:37) Building a Podcasting Community
Katie’s initiative to create a Penn State Podcasting Community of Practice, fostering collaboration and support among university podcasters.
(00:25:24) Higher Ed Pods Global Community
Connecting Penn State podcasters with the global Higher Ed Pods community.
(00:26:24) Conclusion
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:04) - Katie DeFiore’s Journey
  • (03:34) - About Dare to Disrupt
  • (05:29) - Engaging Alumni and Format Strategy
  • (09:24) - Invent Penn State Overview
  • (11:29) - Collaboration with Ryan Newman
  • (13:35) - Live Podcasting Experience
  • (17:31) - Impact of Live Episodes
  • (20:00) - Teaching Podcasting at Penn State
  • (22:37) - Building a Podcasting Community
  • (25:24) - Higher Ed Pods Global Community
  • (26:24) - Conclusion

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Co-host and editor of HAVAN's podcast Measure Twice Cut Once/ Traffic Helicopter Reporter/Social Media & Marketing Manager for Euro Canadian
Katie DeFiore
Katie DeFiore
Multimedia Specialist at Invent Penn State
From Student To Practitioner To Instructor: Penn State's Podcast Ecosystem
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