Purdue: Effectively Engaging Alumni

Join hosts Neil McPhedran & Jennifer-Lee with guest Kate Young, the host, writer, and executive producer of "This is Purdue", the official alumni podcast of Purdue University. Discover how Kate transformed the podcast into a compelling narrative show, weaving captivating stories of professors, students, athletics coaches and alumni. Learn about the unique approach of utilizing video content on YouTube to complement the audio podcast, appealing to different audience segments. Gain valuable insights on building brand awareness, connecting with alumni, and engaging prospective students and parents through the power of storytelling. Whether you're new to higher education podcasting or looking to enhance your existing show, this episode is packed with practical advice and inspiration to elevate your podcasting game.

Chapter Time Stamps:
(00:00:00) Introduction
Jennifer-Lee and Neil McPhedran introduce the episode and welcome Kate Young, the host, writer, and executive producer of "This is Purdue”

(00:01:40) The Team Behind “This Is Purdue”
Kate explains her role, it’s evolution since 2021, and how she works within a larger team at Purdue

(00:03:17) Podcast Goals and Target Audience
Discover the podcast as a storytelling vessel, appealing to both alumni and prospective students and parents.

(00:04:38) Creating Engaging Video Content
Kate discusses the successful integration of video elements on YouTube, using the same interview in different unique formats.

(00:9:43) Strategically Using Video Content
Practical advice for podcasters interested in exploring video content and repurposing clips for social media.

(00:12:00) The Focused Audience of Podcasting
Jen & Kate explore the time it takes to build a podcasting audience and value and focus of each listener

(00:14:00) Utilizing Podcasts for Internal and External Community
Exploring the podcast's impact on external audiences, benefits internally, and its role as a community-building tool within the university.

(00:16:35) Tips for Alumni-Focused Podcasts
Kate shares valuable tips on networking, growing an audience, managing expectations, and the long-term benefits of consistent content creation.

(00:19:42) Higher Ed Podcast Recommendations
Neil & Kate discuss the uniqueness of “This Is Purdue” within the landscape of higher ed podcasts, as well as other recommended shows.

(00:21:42) Wrapping Up
Jen & Neil highlight their key takeaways from the interview and sign off.
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (01:40) - The Team Behind "This Is Purdue"
  • (03:17) - Podcast Goals and Target Audience
  • (04:38) - Creating Engaging Video Content
  • (09:43) - Strategically Using Video Content
  • (12:00) - The Focused Audience of Podcasting
  • (14:00) - Utilizing Podcasts for Internal and External Community
  • (16:35) - Tips for Alumni-Focused Podcasts
  • (19:42) - Higher Ed Podcast Recommendations
  • (21:42) - Wrapping Up

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Kate Young
Kate Young
Award-winning #podcast host & producer for @lifeatpurdue 🎧🖤 #ThisIsPurdue
Purdue: Effectively Engaging Alumni
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