Does Youtube Matter For your Podcast?

Discover why YouTube should be an indispensable part of your podcast strategy, even without video. Join Neil McPhedran and Jennifer-Lee Gunson  in a thought-provoking conversation with guest expert Steve Goldstein as he walks us through his research and what it tells us about how podcast listeners are using YouTube, shedding light on the role of YouTube Shorts, and the power of the platform for amplifying discoverability. Delve deep into the art of podcast promotion, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in content delivery. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster, a content creator, or navigating the higher education space, this episode equips you with actionable strategies to leverage YouTube effectively, unlocking new dimensions for audience engagement and growth.

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Chapter Time Stamps:
(00:00:00) Introduction
Hosts Jennifer Lee and Neil McPhedran introduce the episode on YouTube and podcasting with expert Steven Goldstein

(00:03:04) Steve’s Journey
Steve introduces his journey from broadcasting, to his company Amplifi Media, and adjunct professor at NYU in the Business of Podcasting.

(00:04:40) Podcasting in Higher Education
The power of finding your niche in podcasting

(00:06:16) The Changing Definition of Podcasting
Steve unpacks the evolution of podcasting, dividing it into three eras: the “MeUndies era”, the “Throw the spaghetti against the wall era', and the “What is a podcast era”.

 (00:10:39) Research Insights on Podcast Consumption
Amplifi & Coleman Insight’s research on podcast consumption habits, including the role of YouTube as one of the three major podcast apps, and the surprising flexibility of users.

(00:12:40) Why YouTube?
YouTube as the second-largest search engine globally and it’s power for discovery.

(00:15:16) Is Video Necessary?
Steve & Neil discuss how video is not always necessary for podcasts to still obtain the benefits of being on YouTube.

(00:18:14) YouTube Shorts
What are YouTube shorts how they can be used for podcast discovery including an example from Planet Money.

(00:20:24) Introduction and YouTube Approach :
Steve gives Neil advice from Steve Goldstein on approaching YouTube for the first time and explains the “Grid of Pain”.

 (00:22:53) Strategies for Podcast Growth
The importance of maximizing owned media assets for podcast promotion and utilizing YouTube to grow your listener base

(00:26:02) The Future of Radio & Podcasting
Steve & Jen discuss how radio can best use podcasting and incorporate On-Demand strategies

(00:29:09) Conclusion
Neil & Jen share their key takeaways from their conversation with Steve.
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (03:04) - Steve’s Journey
  • (04:40) - Podcasting in Higher Education
  • (06:16) - The Changing Definition of Podcasting
  • (10:39) - Research Insights on Podcast Consumption
  • (12:40) - Why YouTube?
  • (15:16) - Is Video Necessary?
  • (18:14) - YouTube Shorts
  • (20:24) - Introduction and YouTube Approach
  • (22:53) - Strategies for Podcast Growth
  • (26:02) - The Future of Radio & Podcasting
  • (29:09) - Conclusion

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Co-host and editor of HAVAN's podcast Measure Twice Cut Once/ Traffic Helicopter Reporter/Social Media & Marketing Manager for Euro Canadian
Steven Goldstein
Steven Goldstein
CEO Amplifi Media: strategic audio advisory firm, adjunct professor NYU teaching “The Business of Podcasting.”
Does Youtube Matter For your Podcast?
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