UCW: Podcasting as Curriculum

Unravel the dynamic relationship between podcast & curriculum, both as a part of it, and a driving force behind it, with Dr. Gelareh Farhadian and Dave Keighron from the University Canada West. Through insightful anecdotes, learn how the "Innovation Fuel" podcast emerged as a powerful educational tool, teaching critical thinking and practical skills through real world case studies and cultivating invaluable networking opportunities for students. The unique role their producer plays in curating meaningful content and driving collaboration is also visited. Explore the symbiotic relationship between podcast and classroom, and unearth the unexpected outcomes and career-readiness benefits it offers to both students and educators.

(00:00:00) Introduction
Jen and Neil provide some background on UCW, and introduce Dr. Gelareh Farhadian and Dave Keighron  of the "Innovation Fuel" podcast from the University of Canada West.

(00:03:05) The origins of Innovation Fuel
Learn what began "Innovation Fuel" and the unexpected learner benefits that have grown out of it

(00:06:42) The Prototyping Process
Dave & Gelareh discuss how the podcast has evolved from a conceptual idea, and what they have learned and changed along the way

(00:12:12) Podcast as Curriculum
Unravel the different ways of integrating the podcasting into the curriculum, and how the podcast has shaped the curriculum.

(00:16:34) The Vital Role of the Producer
Dave & Gelareh expand on how working with Tomas, their producer, has positively evolved their podcast through his connections and relationships with students, faculty, & the business community.

(00:18:32) The Feedback Loop
Discover the multitude of channels that Dave & Gelareh are receiving feedback and applying it to the podcast

(00:20:45) True Evergreen Content
Not only do past episodes continue to be available and serve as learning tools for students, Dave & Gelareh explain how they are building these up with followup and expanding their storytelling for learning and continuing to explore new solutions.

(00:22:09) Parting Wisdom: Podcasting Takeaways
Dave shares his advice to start doing, and Reid Hoffman’s “ Build your airplane as you’re falling off the cliff.”

(00:27:46) Conclusion & closing.
Neil & Jenn share their key takeaways from the episode.
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (03:05) - The origins of Innovation Fuel
  • (06:42) - The Prototyping Process
  • (12:12) - Podcast as Curriculum
  • (16:34) - The Vital Role of the Producer
  • (18:32) - The Feedback Loop
  • (20:45) - True Evergreen Content
  • (22:09) - Parting Wisdom: Podcasting Takeaways
  • (27:46) - Conclusion

Creators and Guests

Co-host and editor of HAVAN's podcast Measure Twice Cut Once/ Traffic Helicopter Reporter/Social Media & Marketing Manager for Euro Canadian
Dave Keighron
Dave Keighron
Higher Education Innovator, Professor & Entrepreneur
Gelareh Farhadian
Gelareh Farhadian
Innovative Education Leader, Department Chair of Marketing , Strategy and Entrepreneurship at University Canada West
UCW: Podcasting as Curriculum
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