University of British Columbia: Hosts Change, But the Show Must Go On

How does a podcast successfully navigate a host change and still keep their voice? From Here Forward, an alumni focused podcast based in Vancouver, Canada did that, by strategically choosing a voice and a tone for their audience, and then letting the show find its own authentic voice. Join Jennifer Lee Gunson and Neil McPhedran, alongside guests Carol Eugene Park and Steve Kennedy from Alumni UBC, to hear how clear vision earlier in the podcasting process allows for greater freedom and stability in the ever- changing higher education landscape.

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Chapter Time Stamps:
(00:00:00) Introduction
Hosts Jennifer Lee and Neil McPhedran introduce the guest’s from UBC, Steve Kennedy & Carol Eugene Park from From Here Forward.

(00:02:40) Guest Introductions
How Carol & Steve came into their podcast roles. 

(00:05:28) Reflecting Urgent Optimism
Steve discusses the origin and significance of the name "From Here Forward," and it’s connection to the themes of the show.

(00:08:23) Transitioning Hosts
The challenges and strategies of choosing and changing podcast hosts while maintaining the show's voice and audience connection. Steve and Carol explore their experiences.

(00:13:00) Origin of Carol’s Podcasting Journey
Carol discusses her previous podcasting experience, which caught Steve's attention.

(00:14:42) Reflections Two Years On
Insights on the evolution of "From Here Forward," including expanding content topics, going with immediacy for topics, and having a great producer to work with.

(00:16:13) Advice for New Podcasters
Advice to aspiring podcasters on having a clear vision and embracing the learning process, and allowing space for a show and it’s hosts to find their voice.

(00:19:05) Choosing Podcast Guests
How guests are chosen for the show, based on strategic themes and immediacy.

(00:20:27) Favourite Episodes Discussion 
Carol and Steve share their favourite episodes, highlighting the diversity of topics and the impact of storytelling in humanizing academic research and celebrating significant achievements.

(00:22:21) Neil's Personal Connection
Neil reflects on how participating in the podcast has reconnected him to the University of British Columbia, emphasizing the role of podcasting in bridging alumni and their alma mater.

(00:24:10) Conclusion
Neil & Jen share their key takeaways from the conversation.
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:40) - Guest Introductions
  • (05:28) - Reflecting Urgent Optimism
  • (08:23) - Transitioning Hosts
  • (13:00) - Origin of Carol’s Podcasting Journey
  • (14:42) - Reflections Two Years On
  • (16:13) - Advice for New Podcasters
  • (19:05) - Choosing Podcast Guests
  • (20:27) - Favorite Episodes Discussion
  • (22:21) - Neil's Personal Connection
  • (24:10) - Conclusion

Creators and Guests

Co-host and editor of HAVAN's podcast Measure Twice Cut Once/ Traffic Helicopter Reporter/Social Media & Marketing Manager for Euro Canadian
Carol Eugene Park (she/her)
Carol Eugene Park (she/her)
writer, taking a break from journalism | cutting audio @iveyacademy | co-host of From Here Forward @alumniUBC | Open to work!
Steve Kennedy
Steve Kennedy
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications, UBC Alumni
University of British Columbia: Hosts Change, But the Show Must Go On
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